Who is ReachOutGiving?
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The Lighthouse Community dba ReachOutGiving is a Non-Profit (501c3) Corporation, registered in the State of Washington, dedicated to serving those fighting catastrophic illness. The Lighthouse Community was registered as a Non-Profit Corporation in April 2005, achieved tax-exempt status in December 2006, and began serving clients in January 2008. The Lighthouse Community is registered as a Charitible Organization in all 50 states.

Ready to Serve.


Donation Strategy

All donations are posted to specific Client accounts.  Monthly benevolent gift checks are disbursed to Clients based upon predetermined and verifiable financial needs.  Despite the IRS mandated disclaimer stating all donations are "owned by The Lighthouse Community", our Bylaws clearly indicate our intent to distribute donations to the designated Clients whenever possible.  The proof of this intent is made clear on the "Financial Transparency" page.  This page provides audited financial information that details how donation funds are managed.

Transparency.  Accountability.  Trust.



To create a nationally recognized organization known for one unique strategy - donor-advised, tax-deductible donations: the ability for people to make confidential donations in the name of a friend or loved one in desperate financial need due to catastrophic illness.

People Helping People