How does ReachOutGiving help Clients?

People Helping People. Clients need to know that people in their lives truly care about them. They need a growing hope borne of the encouragement, love, and concern offered them by family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers to contend with the difficulties they face. We offer the means to do all of this and even more. We answer one of the most pressing questions most Clients face: How will I pay my bills? Our answer: donor-advised, tax-deductible donations.


Clients Need Community

Clients receive a Free Fundraising Page and a Client Admin Tool to manage their fundraising campaign. The Clients (or POC’s or Team Leaders) and visitors to a Client Fundraising Page can write blogs and seamlessly share them on all social media sites as well as their personal email contact lists. These tools help build a powerful, caring community of family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers to help Clients in what is often the most difficult journey of their lives….The Mystery of Community.


Clients Need Financial Help

The FREE Fundraising Page is the portal for making donor-advised, tax-deductible donations. A click on the DONATE! button offers the choice of making a donation by check or a secure online credit card donation through PayPal. PayPal donations are posted in real-time, directly to the Client Fundraising Page as an anonymous or public donation as requested by the donor….Transparency.  Accountability.  Trust. 


Clients Need Sponsors

Client Fundraising Pages can be branded with the look and feel of any organization – businesses, foundations, churches, associations - community groups of any kind. Organization logos, colors and messages are represented on the Client Page banner and the footer. Branded Client Pages give organizations the opportunity to serve those in their own community or to reach out to people in the community at large….Serving.  Giving.  Helping.