General Questions

How does it work?

ReachOutGiving makes it easy to raise tax-deductible donations online. Once approved as a Client you will receive a free fundraising webpage to share your story with the people in your life – family, friends, co-workers and even people you have not met.

Why is a tax-receipt important?

Your donors receive a tax-receipt for each donation and to date every donor-advised donation has been given to the intended Client. The tax incentive often encourages donors to give more – especially those making large donations. Also, most businesses require a tax-receipt when making donations.

Is there a deadline?

No, there is no deadline for your campaign.

What can I raise money for?

ReachOutGiving organizes donations for people struggling with a catastrophic illness of event. The first $10,000 received can be used for any purpose. Donations above $10,000 are tied to Household Expenses, Major Treatments, and Memorials. Learn more

When will I receive money?

Benevolence checks are sent to Clients on the 15th of every month for donations made in the previous month.

Can I raise money for a friend?

Yes, ReachOutGiving campaigns are often managed by a friend or loved-one on behalf of the Client.

Does the campaign cost anything?

No, your campaign is free. You receive a free Client Page and a password protected Client Admin Tool to manage your Client Page.

Are there any fees?

Yes, ReachOutGiving will deduct a 5% Admin Fee from each donation. This fee is deducted automatically and is used to offset our General and Administrative Expenses. A small processing fee of about 2.5% will also be deducted from each online PayPal donation. This fee is a direct PayPal expense. Please see our Financial Transparency pages for more details.

Do my donors pay additional charges or fees?

No. Donors have complete control of how much they give.

How will I know if someone donates?

You will receive an email notification each time a donation is made to your ReachOutGiving campaign.

Who will donate to my campaign?

Your campaign will be supported by your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, teammates, and even strangers.

Do I have to use my Facebook account?

A Facebook account is not required but is highly recommended. A Facebook account makes sharing your campaign with others incredibly easy. The blog on your Client page will seamlessly connect to your Facebook account.

Can donors in other countries donate to my campaign?

Yes, your ReachOutGiving campaign is able to accept payments from donors around the world.

Can donors give anonymously?

Yes. Donors can simply check a box to keep their donation hidden from public view.

What about taxes for the Client?

Typically, donations are considered ‘personal gifts’ and not taxed as income to the Client. This is not a guarantee. Please see your tax advisor.

What about taxes for the Donor?

The Lighthouse Community (dba ReachOutGiving) is a Non-Profit (501c3) Corporation, registered in the State of Washington and is also registered as a Charitable Organization in all 50 states. Donors receive a tax-receipt for each donation and a summary tax-receipt at the end of the year. All donors are eligible to claim a tax-deduction; however, since every donor’s tax situation is different, they need to consult a tax professional in their area.

How To Manage A Successful Campaign

What is the most important thing for me to do?

Facebook. You and every campaign organizer sharing your campaign on their Facebook account is the single most important thing you can do.
Your Client Page provides an easy-to-use blog to tell your story and connect to Facebook and other all social media. It is important to load a high-quality picture to your Client Page and consistently write and share blogs.

Can I raise money for anything?

No. Our program is focused on financial need due to a catastrophic illness or event (i.e. car accident, injury at work or home, injury due to natural disaster, etc.).

How can I share my campaign?

Every ReachOutGiving campaign Client Page is a unique link that's easy to share with others. Sharing your fundraising campaign is easy using ReachOutGiving's built-in features like email invitations and social media posting.

What about media coverage?

Your local newspapers and TV stations need great stories like yours. Once you have made contact with them we will be happy to consult with them as needed.

Why send 'Update' messages?

The first ‘Update’ message is an invitation to visit your new Client Page – to everyone you know. After that you will want to send fresh content to your current supporters when possible.

How do I send thank-you notes?

You will receive an email notification for each PayPal donation. Most of them will be anonymous so thank you notes are not possible. Public PayPal donations will include contact information for thank you notes. Check donations are also public and anonymous. Public donation names and addresses will be provided.

Miscellaneous Questions

When will my Client Page appear?

Your new Client Page will be approved by our Admin Team prior to appearing on our website. These things must be in place:

  1. Your completed application
  2. Your Health Care Provider letter
  3. Your picture loaded on your Client Page
  4. Your first Client Page blog written
  5. A personal Facebook account (must include a photo and some friends)

NOTE: Pages that don't meet these criteria WILL be created but privately listed until met.

How do I know Client needs are legitimate?

Our Clients are carefully vetted through our application process and yet there is always potential for fraud. To be certain your donation is needed it is always best to give only to someone you know and trust.