What financial help is available?

We provide the opportunity for family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to make confidential donor-advised, tax-deductible donations in the name of a specific client. Each Client is eligible to receive four benefit levels:
Level 1 

Universal Defined Benefit

This is a one-time benefit of up to $10,000 for out-of-pocket expenses. Eligibility is determined from the total amount entered in the out-of-pocket expenses box on the "Application for Client Status"

Level 2 

Household Expense Benefit

This benefit is available to families that have lost employment or are underemployed due to catastrophic illness in their immediate family. Clients and/or their families will be eligible for ongoing and unlimited benefits for the duration of their illness as certified by their physician. This benefit covers living expenses such as, but not limited to mortgage or rent payments, utilities, car payments and maintenance, home maintenance, food, etc.

Level 1 Status must be approved

Level 3 

Major Treatment Benefit

This unlimited financial benefit is for Clients requiring major medical procedures that are uninsured (or underinsured).  This would include treatments such as, but not limited to; major surgery, transplantations, chemotherapy, etc. Typically, Clients will be limited to one Major Treatment Benefit but this guideline is subject to a case by case evaluation.

Level 1 Status must be approved

Level 4 

Memorial Benefit

This benefit will be funded up to $5,000 to help families pay uninsured burial costs for a deceased Client. A deceased Client will be given a Memorial Status so that Community Members can cherish their memory and offer help and condolences to surviving family members. The Personal Profile Pages of these Clients will be maintained in perpetuity for the benefit of friends and family members. These Clients will always be remembered by The Lighthouse Community.

Level 1 Status must be approved