Partnership Opportunities

How you can help...

We make a very important distinction between DONATIONS and CONTRIBUTIONS. DONATIONS are for Clients and CONTRIBUTIONS are for General and Administrative Expenses. Your CONTRIBUTIONS will be used to fund the current projects detailed in the drop down pages associated with this page.

Who we are...

The Lighthouse Community dba ReachOutGiving is a Non-Profit (501c3) Corporation, registered in the State of Washington, dedicated to serving those fighting catastrophic illnesses and injuries. We began serving Clients in January 2008. We are registered as a Charitable Organization in all 50 states....Ready to Serve.

What we do...

Our innovative program provides the means for family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to make online donor-advised, tax-deductible donations to our Clients struggling with catastrophic illnesses or injures. Donations are posted to specific Client accounts and monthly benevolent checks are disbursed to those Clients based upon predetermined financial need. The Financial Transparency pages provide financially reviewed information that details how donation funds are managed....Transparency. Accountability. Trust.

Make a difference today! Too often people lose everything they have to catastrophic illnesses and injuries. Their financial picture becomes desperate as they struggle to survive and heal. Our innovative program provides immediate financial relief. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help us continue developing our program....People Helping People

Make a Contribution Today!


Corporate and Individual Partnerships

All partnership contributions will be used for the expenses of ReachOutGiving

One time contribution levels:
Benefactors $5000
Patrons $1000
Partners $500
Friends $250
Members $100
Monthly contribution levels:
Benefactors $1000
Patrons $500
Partners $100
Friends $25
Members $5