Offering Hope, One Person At A Time

ReachOutGiving offers hope and encouragement to people struggling with the financial impact of catastrophic illnesses or injuries. We provide the opportunity for family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers to make tax-deductible, donor-advised donations to people in financial need.

Patients often lose jobs and struggle with paying the ordinary expenses of life in addition to mounting medical bills and the next procedure or medication. Cancer is expensive.

Organize a fundraiser today for a family member or a friend. The application process is easy and you will receive a FREE Fundraising Page and Client Admin Tool to manage their campaign.

Please watch The Joe Honan Story and The Tom Medved Interview to better understand how ReachOutGiving (formerly The Lighthouse Community) helps people in time of need.

How It Works

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  Step 3: Invite your Friends and more

Danny M

"Within days after birth little Danny was diagnosed with a heart condition that required urgent open heart surgery."
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Cheryl O

"Cheryl underwent chemotherapy last year and the breast cancer was successfully removed."
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Nicholas M

"He is full of life and has a big heart that brings joy and happiness to all those around him. His cheeks and bright smile just melt you away."
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Candy V

"Tuesday is the big day, please pray for my family and I that everything comes out great. Thank you everybody and God bless."
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David V

"Peggy his wife spends her time taking care of him and driving him across the northwest to doctors and treatments."
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Dominik R

"We made a round trip visit to a special doctor at UCSF, he helped me get started on a new medication. It is having some negative side effects though."
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