Offering Hope, One Person At A Time

Please watch The Joe Honan Story and The Tom Medved Interview to better understand how ReachOutGiving (formerly The Lighthouse Community) helps people in time of need.

How It Works

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Nicholas M

"He is full of life and has a big heart that brings joy and happiness to all those around him. His cheeks and bright smile just melt you away."
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Candy V

"Tuesday is the big day, please pray for my family and I that everything comes out great. Thank you everybody and God bless."
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David V

"Peggy his wife spends her time taking care of him and driving him across the northwest to doctors and treatments."
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Dominik R

"We made a round trip visit to a special doctor at UCSF, he helped me get started on a new medication. It is having some negative side effects though."
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