How It Works

Step 1: Apply For Client Status

Client Status means the applicant has fulfilled all the necessary requirements to receive a Client Fundraising Page that offers all donors tax-deductible receipts for donor-advised donations made in their name. The Client Fundraising Page is free.

We need to receive three things to award Client Status:

  • A signed application (digitally or hand-signed)
  • A letter from the Health Care Provider
  • Proof of a Client Facebook account (or Team Leader or POC accounts)

Clients may fill-out the application. Once all fields and the digital signature are completed the completed form is automatically emailed to ReachOutGiving.

A Team Leader or Point of Contact may fill-out the application for the applicant. In this case all entries (name, address, etc.) can be made on the digital form then printed, signed by the applicant, and mailed (or faxed) to ReachOutGiving.

Note: it is very important the Medical Information Release form is sent to the healthcare provider. This form is included in the application. We need to receive the letter from the health care provider described on this form to offer Client Status.

Click here to apply

Step 2: Load Your Client Page

The Client, Team Leader, or Point of Contact will receive a username and password to access the Client Admin Tool once Client Status has been awarded. Please use the Client Admin Tool to load the following information on to the Client Page:

  • Upload a Client picture
  • Write the first blog

Note: Contact us to go live with your Client Page when these steps are completed.

Step 3: Invite Your Friends and Family

The Client, Team Leader, or Point of Contact can use the social media tools we provide to share your Client Page with friends and family. It is very important to share your story by using these tools:

  • Your Facebook account - the single most effective tool you can use.
  • Other common social media - Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Click on the blue Share button. Invite your contact list to visit your Client Page.
  • Write and share blogs on a regular basis.